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Angie Ng, Licensed Acupuncturist

Angie Ng, Licensed Acupuncturist

Angie Ng is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Chicago, IL and is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She graduated with highest honors from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, one of the first established acupuncture colleges in the country. After graduating from acupuncture school, she spent hundreds of continuing education hours studying under various experts to enhance her skills in pain management, fertility, facial rejuvenation, and weight loss. Additionally, she has completed training to be a personal trainer and has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for nearly her entire adult life. She is a member of the Illinois Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ILAAOM).

Angie's interest in Chinese Medicine began as a child growing up in a traditional Chinese household where herbs and foods were routinely used as therapy for common ailments. This interest grew into fascination years later when acupuncture helped resolve some of her own troublesome health issues while conventional medicine provided unsatisfactory results. She had always been a believer in the body's own strength and capacity to heal and acupuncture proved to be an effective form of therapy that encouraged that natural healing process with no negative side effects. After experiencing the powerful effects of acupuncture, she decided to make a dramatic career change from her corporate job to become an acupuncturist in order help others experience the benefits of this amazing form of therapy.

Angie's approach to treating her patients is highly individualized and holistic. She carefully listens to and builds a strong relationship with her patients in order to develop a detailed and clear picture of each patient's overall health and unique needs. From this, a comprehensive treatment plan that not only addresses the presenting complaint, but also treats the root cause of the condition is developed. She uses not only acupuncture but also other time-tested techniques within the umbrella of Chinese Medicine to effectively treat a wide range of conditions that stem from both physical and emotional imbalances. In addition, she believes in empowering her patients to take a proactive role in their own health by counseling them in diet, exercise, meditation, and other lifestyle changes. In this way, effective and lasting results are achieved. Angie specializes in the treatment of pain problems, infertility, weight loss, stress/anxiety, and facial rejuvenation.

Having successfully managed an active lifestyle, a full time job, and going to school to pursue her passion, Angie understands the challenges and stress that a busy schedule can bring. She believes that balance is the key to health, and uses this as a guiding principal in her approach to treating her patients, regardless of what ails them.

Angie currently has office hours at the Loop office Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays.

Michael Jamlang, Licensed Acupuncturist

Michael Jamlang, Licensed Acupuncturist

Michael Jamlang is a licensed acupuncturist and a lecturer at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

For the past several years, Mike has been gathering knowledge in different clinics with differing specialties. He started assessing problems and giving treatments as a massage therapist in 2005 but became keenly aware of the restrictions of a purely musculo-skeletal approach. Some patients would come back with the same problem week after week. Mike strove to be a better practitioner for his clients, first by learning more within the massage field and earning a certification in structural therapy, and then by learning a totally new field of therapy. Mike chose Chinese Medicine due to its multivaried and holistic approach to a problem.

After gaining much clinical experience to be fluent in Chinese Medicine, Mike continued to push himself to learn more by taking a position at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine as a clinical supervisor and lecturer. He has been lecturing since 2010, and has taught diverse classes at the college, such as Asian Philosophy, Tuina (Asian bodywork), Acupuncture Point Location, Needling Techniques, Herbology, and Accessory Techniques.

Mike is also very engaged in learning more about the Chinese Medicine field outside of the college. He enjoyed working with many experienced acupuncturists since he began practicing, ranging from community settings where he can treat up to 6 people an hour, a gynecological facility, to a hospital setting where Mike worked in conjunction with doctors in giving patients the best chance available for recovery.

Mike specializes in the the treatment of pain problems, musculoskeletal issues, stress/anxiety, men's health, and Asian bodywork. Mike is a well-rounded practitioner who is highly skilled in many of the therapies that Chinese Medicine offers.

Mike currently has office hours at the Loop office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.