Meet Our New Massage Therapist

Introducing Licensed Massage Therapist Alazae Gregory-Thomas

Acupuncture for Balanced Wellness is pleased to welcome licensed massage therapist Alazae Gregory-Thomas to our office.

Alazae Gregory-Thomas is a licensed Clinical Massage Therapist practicing in Chicago, IL. With African-American and Native American descent; holistic practices have been a major value in her life. She identifies as a empathetic being so she is sensitive to others needs & is passionate about the wellness of all. Her love for bodywork & massage grew during her time as a Theater Major at a Performance Arts High School.

Alazae has a strong foundation in hospitality and customer service. She followed her intuition and chose holistic practices and modalities for her pregnancy. She used prenatal techniques without realizing. When using postnatal massage on her newborn & recognizing the benefits; she applied and graduated from the highly regarded SOMA Institute in December 2021.

Alazae loves learning about energy work, exploring arts and crafts and creating herbal remedies. She is currently studying to obtain her Herbalist certification and to become a Reiki Master. She is also working on her dream of being a Doula to enhance the beauty and the gift of pregnancy.

In her free time, Alazae is a full-time mom. She also enjoys meditating in nature and reading & creating natural cosmetic products.

She specializes in Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Prenatal and Swedish. Pressure Range: Light to Firm

Alazae is available for massages at our clinic on Mondays and Fridays from 11 am to 7 pm. If you would like to schedule a massage with Alazae, please call our office at 312-890-5553. We offer affordable out of pocket rates for massage therapy or your insurance may cover massage therapy.