Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation

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There are a myriad of very compelling reasons for the estimated 50 million Americans who smoke to quit - from cancer, to the expense of cigarettes, to the habit itself becoming more and more socially unacceptable. Despite being all too familiar with these reasons, millions of smokers attempt to kick the habit and fail each year, making cigarette smoking possibly the most difficult addiction to break.

For those who smoke or have smoked, it is easy to understand why cutting cigarettes out of one's life is such a difficult task. That small but powerful package of nicotine delivering compounds has always been there through times of celebration and hardship, delivering puffs of pleasure whenever something was needed to lift the spirits or calm the nerves. In addition to these psychological factors, smokers experience physical changes in the brain which cause cravings, making it even more difficult to quit.

Despite the availability of patches, drugs, and gums on the market, people are increasingly turning to acupuncture as a means to help them quit smoking and stay smoke-free. Many succeed in breaking the habit with the help of acupuncture after trying other methods and failing.

Acupuncture works by causing the nervous system to release certain chemicals into the brain and body that calm the nerves, ease withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings. Four to six treatments given during that first month of smoking cessation, when withdrawal symptoms and cravings are at their strongest, can serve as a very powerful aid to remaining smoke-free.

Although acupuncture has helped countless people quit smoking, it is not a magic cure. Quitting smoking involves a battle between a person's desire to be healthy and a powerful addiction. In order to be successful in winning this battle, a smoker must make the decision to quit and remain dedicated to that decision. By reducing cravings and easing withdrawal symtoms, acupuncture makes that battle easier to win.

Before starting your smoking cessation program, follow these important helpful tips to increase your chances of sucess.

We are licensed and board certified acupuncturists who are very experienced in helping people with smoking cessation. Our beautiful and modern acupuncture clinic located in Downtown Chicago provides a relaxing oasis for you to come get acupuncture treatments to help you with smoking cessation. Schedule an appointment at our office so we can help you kick the habit!

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